If you live in California and you have cracks or damages on the windshield, then you must repair or replace it as soon as possible. As per the law of California, such damages or cracked windshield can obstruct your view when you are driving you truck or car. A police office can easily summon you a Fit It ticket and in case you ignore it, a ticket can be issued against you that might cost you more than $300.00. To avoid this unwanted expense, you must opt for the complete windshield repair service now offered by Oakland Low Price Auto Glass.

Some time a complete windshield replacement is advised but when you have a minor crack or chip that is six inches or so, going for a windshield repair can save you more money. Oakland Low Price Auto Glass brings professional windshield repair service in cheap now!

When Oakland Low Price Auto Glass can repair your car’s or truck’s windshield?

  • Oakland Low Price Auto Glass can repair the windshield when:
  • The crack of the chip on the windshield is six inches or small than that.
  • When you have three chips and cracks or less than that.
  • When the damage is not right before the sensor or the camera.
  • We repair million windshields every year and for all sorts of vehicles. We have the best and highly trained windshield repair experts deployed for this work.

What can cause cracks or chip on the windshield?

  • The prime cause behind cracks and chips on the windshield is debris that comes before the vehicle when you are driving it. When the size of that crack is less than six inches, a windshield repair is what all you need. However, for full safety, a complete windshield replacement is also advised by Oakland Low Price Auto Glass.
  • Hiring a handyman or so called windshield repair expert must be avoided. Oakland Low Price Auto Glass is having several years of experience in this business. The windshield of your car or truck might need a repair if:
  • When the damage occurred for the window is very small or small than the quarter.
  • The crack is yet to grow and expand.
  • When the chip is not there at the edge of your windshield and not affecting the overall structure of the window.
    When repaired, you are able to see clearly out of the window.
    The crack is not gone throughout the windshield.

How the windshield repair is done?

  • With the Oakland Low Price Auto Glass windshield repair you can expect:
  • We have the best, most professional and highly experienced technicians who will be right there throughout the entire chip and crack repair process.
  • First they will clean the area around cracks and chips and vacuum to remove the air before filling the damage with the help of resin.
  • Once the resin is applied, it will be left to get dry so that strong bond with the glass can be created.
  • Once this step is over, we will clean the excessive resin and will make the windshield shine.
  • Within 30 minutes or so, you can drive your car or truck back to the business!

Why you need windshield repair?

  • Chip and crack repairs are often affordable and that’s a good reason why you need to go for it. In fact, this is going to cost you absolutely nothing and that really depends on the insurance coverage you have.
  • When the damage is minor, go for windshield repair to avoid going for the complete replacement. Windshield repair can save more money and time for you.
  • In most cases, the windshield repair completes in less than 30 minutes. Repairing the damage is always quick.
  • Oakland Low Price Auto Glass only uses the top quality materials when it comes to windshield repair. We use exclusive resin. Once fully cured and the window is polished, you are not going to trace any damage or crack and that’s for sure. Our windshield repair work is impeccable.
    Oakland Low Price Auto Glass also backs its windshield repair service by warranty. This is a lifetime warranty and applicable nationwide.