Car window tinting is an effective way to reduce the effects of the sun on your vehicle. Popular with drivers, drivers of public transportation and business people, car window tinting is a great way to save energy and protect your vision. Developed in 1963, clear car window tinting was invented by a chemist working for DuPont. Today, car window tinting is a standard safety feature on vehicles. Now, we are offering car window tinting services in Oakland; Low Price Auto Glass best deals guaranteed.

Using low-tint car window film in Oakland decreases the amount of sunlight passing through the film. This low level of light cools the air and makes it more comfortable. Additionally, low-tint car windows reflect back less heat giving cars a cool appearance. Many drivers like this as it makes cars appear less hot to the touch. The environment surrounding Oakland benefits from lower temperatures due to added energy conservation measures.

Drivers dissatisfied with glare from their car’s windows can add privacy and comfort by applying window film to their windows. Clear film adheres to the surface of your car’s windows, providing shade and reducing glare. Drivers can choose from several different films based on the amount of light blocked- from 100% up to 99.9%. Lower number films allow a greater percentage of light through, so you should select one that best suits your needs. Some people also apply tint to their windows for added protection against heat flash glare. Applying window film involves wetting the surface where you want the film to adhere. Then, you must rub the film onto the surface using a cloth or applicator pad. Afterward, you must allow the film to dry before sealing it with your desired clear coat finish.

When considering energy conservation, tinted windows generally cost less than non-tinted ones. Anyone can save money by not paying high electricity costs for their home or business! Plus, applying window film reduces your vehicle’s carbon footprint by reducing glare and cooling the interior environment. For these reasons, home and business owners should consider adding tint to their windows to reduce their electric bill!

Car window tinting is a great way to reduce the harmful effects of sunlight on your vehicle interior. Popular with drivers and business people, Oakland’s natural environment benefits from lower temperatures thanks to added energy conservation measures. Low cost tint helps keep your interior comfortable and reduces glare for driver comfort and safety concerns. No wonder Oakland uses more energy due to its natural environment!


Window Tinting: What to Know Before Buying

Much has been said about Window Tinting, and knowledge of these products is often superficial to car owners who may know why but not how these films protect the skin, keep the car cooler, and make the driving experience more comfortable.

For installers, obviously, heat dissipation is important, but what they often look for is the convenience of installing the film, which is easier and faster, and of course, time is money.

But when you dig into the details of the window film world, many in the market don’t know exactly the “how”, “why” or even the types of films that exist, often due to a lack of sources of information.

We at Low Price Auto Glass have a professional team offer car window tinting services at the best price you will ever find in Oakland, California. We not only install the tints but also enable our customers to understand our product lines and understand the differences between them, thus understanding the best products for each customer profile. This usually answers most of the answers related to the what, when, and how of car window tinting.

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